About Us

Dapper Doggie Boutique is an online fashion store that offers trendy clothes, apparel, & jewelry for the stylish dog and dog lover.

Who says fashion is only for humans? Let's be honest, you're obsessed with your dog. So are we. Dapper Doggie Boutique was launched in 2017 with the purpose of making your furry friend look damn good! We believe that our fur babies deserve to look and feel amazing.

We offer classy and stylish clothing for the fashion-forward dog. The chic canine. The handsome hound. The Dapper Doggie.

At Dapper Doggie Boutique we know you have impeccable taste. You have a suave and classy style that you rock with a passion. You have an attitude that says "who cares, it's only fashion". You're a head turner. A classy gentleman. A dashing darling. Isn't it only fair that your best friend also looks as good as you?

We're tired of the corny looking things that you find at your local pet store. Dapper Doggies demand quality stuff and here at Dapper Doggie Boutique we make it our mission to offer you only the most stylish pieces that your posh puppy will approve of.

Being a Dapper Doggie is not just about the clothes. It's a feeling. A way of life. Dress to impress. Always. Go ahead... you can say it...

My dog has better style than you!

Stay classy, stay chic, with Dapper Doggie Boutique!